Does your child suffer from any of the below conditions:

In the event of an injury, your child may require basic or emergency first aid. Do you give consent to allow a member of Spraire, all of whom are certified in emergency first aid, top provide first aid to your child?

In the event that your child requires hospitalised emergency care andwe are unable to reach you, do you give consent for a professional medical expert to provide such care?

We may, from time to time, take photographic images or video of your child representing DSL&L. These images and/or videos may be used in publications such as local media, our social media pages, website or any other publication linked to the activity your child has taken part in.

Do you consent for your childs image/video being used in this way?

Please provide a head and shoulders image of your child for registration purposes.

The details I have provided are a true and accurate reflection of the child. I agree to inform my childs manager as soon as possible, about any changes that may invalidate this form or put my childs safety at risk.

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